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I simply go by Shanelle (pronounced Chanel). I'm your typical mid-western girl with a southern father and fail slip twang that comes out in my speech when I'm not thinking about it. I love making graphics and I enjoy coding from time to time. I try to convey my style as best I can rather than making what everyone else in the world wants to see, as of present. I've been known to slip into the lines of cliche on occasion.

I'm sarcastic, funny, worth-wild, and I enjoy life in general. I communication well so feel free to speak with me, (both here and on my website).
Name Shanelle
Gender Female
Age 22
Location Evansville, IN
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Men
Status Single
Interests movies, music, html, css, holly, airsoft guns
Music breaking benjamin, flyleaf, nickleback, breathe carolina, aaron gillespe, the almost, foxy shazam, panic at the disco, fall out boy, snoop dog, nelly, usher, kid cudi, etc
Movies the hang over, the dark knight, boondock saints 1&2

Contact Me

IM Demon_gone_mad@hotmail.com, shanellebenson
Website overloaddd.com, member.mibba.com/170115/


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